$14.99 - $159.99$14.99 - $159.99

    Super New Acraglas, Nylon Epoxy Derivative, Butter-Smooth Consistency, Mixes With Atomized Metals Over the years we had hundreds of customer requests for an epoxy accurizing compound with a butter-smooth consistency which would neither run, drip or leach out from between wood and metal after being placed in the gun stock. After many years of research and testing, we perfected a modified version of our popular Acraglas® that gives the same super accurizing bedding job and also meets those specialized smooth application features you have asked for. Acraglas Gel was designed to take advantage of the latest technological advancements in epoxy research. It has the best possible advantages built into it for those that want a butter-smooth type of Acraglas. Nylon Derivatives are formulated into Acraglas Gel and provide greater "thin strength," shock resistance and stability over normal temperature extremes. Slightly less shrinkage than that of Acraglas, which has an amazing 1/10th of 1%. 1-to-1 mixing ratio gives a stable, molecular lattice structure to Acraglas Gel that will not crack, craze or sugar-out as will other 1-to-1 epoxies. Plus, this exclusive, 1-to-1 mix ratio, by volume, simplifies mixing and measuring small amounts accurately. Slightly longer pot life to give the user more time when doing the actual bedding. Longer cure time - The molecular structure of Acraglas Gel has been controlled so for the first few hours after the epoxy sets it remains slightly flexible, some of which flexibility is retained when fully cured. Readily blends with atomized aluminum, steel and stainless steel particles, thus making it possible for the user to create his own reinforced epoxy whenever such type epoxy is desired. Standard mix for optimum results is 1 part metal particles-to-3 parts mixed Acraglas Gel by volume. Can be dyed the same as Acraglas to match the characteristics of the gun stock being worked on. The above features of Acraglas Gel give you an idea of how completely we fulfilled your requests for a companion product for Acraglas ... The Acraglas Gel stay-in-one-spot feature ... sophisticated molecular structure ... slightly longer pot life and curing time ... the ability to mix in aluminum or steel, make this a product we are proud to offer to you and which, of course, we guarantee 100% as to quality of product, or your money back. USING GLASS FLOC Because of the characteristics of the lattice, molecular structure of Acraglas Gel, the advantages of glass floc are already incorporated in the finished epoxy so the addition of floc is not recommended or needed. ACRAGLAS GEL KIT - 2 fl. oz. (59 ml) Resin, 2 fl. oz. (59 ml) Hardener, 7/8 fl. oz. (26 ml) Release Agent, Measuring Spoon, re-useable Poly Mixing Dish, Mixing Stick, Brown Dye, Black Dye and Complete Instructions. ACRAGLAS GEL SHOP KIT - 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) Resin, 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) Hardener, 3 fl. oz. (89 ml) Release Agent, Measuring Spoon Set, 2 re-useable Poly Mixing Dishes, 25 Wide Mixing Sticks, 3 Paks Brown Dye, 3 Packets Black Dye, Instructions. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:417 Sinclair, Issue:4X, Page:019



    $24.99 - $199.99$24.99 - $199.99

    Accurize With Acraglas, Now Includes Brown & Black Dyes, Easy-To-Use Kit, Strengthens Stock, Acid & Waterproof, Simplifies Inletting The word ACRAGLAS has proven, during the many years it has been used by shooters, to be a true and fair product description. For Acraglas, as its name implies, is an accurizing material designed for the exclusive purpose of making a rifle shoot more accurately. Granted, it is a superior bedding compound used and sold as such by dealers, stock manufacturers and gunsmiths - but the fact remains: its prime purpose is to accurize a rifle. THE AMERICAN RIFLEMAN To quote L.R.W. in the American Rifleman Dope Bag, “Acraglas will be found an excellent preparation to correct poor bedding and the revitalized rifle should respond with considerably better accuracy.” “It’s a boon for the lazy, too, because if you are inletting a stock blank you simply cut out too much wood all the way around, gob the wood well with Acraglas, put the metal in (properly treated with release agent coming with the kit) and set aside for about 24 hours. When the metal is removed, the result is perfect bedding for the action - good, strong, and reliable bedding it is, too.” PROVEN IN THE FIELD As the manufacturers of Acraglas, we cannot help but be very proud, too, of the many individual shooters and teams who have won big bore regional and Perry matches with Acraglassed guns ... and of the hunters who have sent us “before and after” targets made when sighting in their game rifles after using Acraglas. The basic materials used in Acraglas are those developed for the aircraft industry. These we have adapted to gun work. Some of the many unusual features of Acraglas are:   Acraglas shrinks less than 1⁄10th of 1% when hardening. This is very important to you as a shooter, for the tighter your bedding job, the better the job. It must be remembered, too, that many of the plastics will shrink more than 5% when hardening, thus canceling their true values as accurizing materials. So perfectly does Acraglas fit your barrel and action that any stamping marks in the steel will also be there in the Acraglas ... impossible to “Bed” any closer. Acraglas actually strengthens your stock because of its own great strength and resistance to breakage or warpage! Acraglas is acid proof, waterproof, has superior insulating qualities, resists alkalies and will not rot or deteriorate. It is quite well known that many of the so-called “plastic glasses” do deteriorate and products made from them are only guaranteed 5 years. Acraglas is highly resistant to impact and will not dent. Should it ever be damaged, or if an improper job is done the first time, it can easily be corrected or mended by using the same materials as in the Kit. Thus, it makes the perfect recoil shoulder. Unlike paints or air drying plastics, Acraglas hardens by chemical action. So, a hard surface indicates a hard interior ready for finishing. The mixture becomes hot before reaching setting temperature. It then “kicks over” and begins to harden, reaching full hardness in 48 hours, altho’ it can be worked, sanded and finished before then. Acraglas has a shelf life of over 5 years! Acraglas has been so compounded by our research engineers that you have ample time to properly seat the barreled action in the inletted stock before it starts to harden. Therefore, when using it you do not need to become nervous and rushed, but can take your time and do the First Class Job you are capable of doing. Being a superior bedding compound, you get a double- barreled benefit when using Acraglas: - An excellent bedding job that does not carry the stigma of “plastic bedding” and you have concentrated your real efforts on accurizing your gun - all at the same time! For your own enlightenment you should check among your shooting friends and note how many are proud of their guns being Accurized with Acraglas. Acraglas completely seals the inletted side of the gun stock against all moisture, gun oils, solvents and sprays. Moisture being absorbed by the stock can cause the finest woods to warp or twist, forcing the gun to shoot different groups on different days. Oils and solvents will eventually make the most beautiful of woods dirty looking where allowed to soak in and, in rare cases, actually ruin the wood. Acraglas has another feature that is strictly a side benefit - but, one our gunsmith customers have found out for themselves and use extensively. The bonding strength of Acraglas is phenomenal - will actually stick “anything to anything” (except certain poly-plastics). The letters in our files make one shake his head in wonder. It seems our gunsmiths have repaired everything from false teeth, toilet bowls, pipes, chairs, cribs, cars, radios, TV’s, skis, sleds, tables, flintlock rifles, caplock rifles and modern gun stocks without number. What it amounts to is this: You name something that has been busted and one of them has undoubtedly used Acraglas to fix it! But, we play this down. We are not in the glue business. There are a jillion glues but only one Acraglas! RELEASE AGENT Our traditional Release Agent and our easy-to-ship, Non-Flammable Release Agent selectively lets Acraglas bond to the stock but not to the barreled action. Both products present nearly indentical physical characteristics, and are applied in exactly the same manner with no noticeable difference in dry time. Both form a smooth, vinyl-like coating between the bedding compound and metal. Non-Flammable Release Agent is a non-flammable, non-hazardous formula that can be transported by air, immediately upon request, safely and legally within and outside the Continental U. S., so there’s no more waiting for ground shipments to arrive when you need an Acraglas kit or extra release agent in a hurry. WHO USES ACRAGLAS AND WHY STOCK MANUFACTURERS - For special custom accurizing jobs and for resale to dealer and retail accounts. PROFESSIONAL STOCKMAKERS - For obtaining skin-tight bedding around receivers, at the chamber on the barrel and at the forend tip on certain jobs. GUNSMITHS - For the complete gamut of stock work - the complete inletting job, the accurizing of an erratic shooting gun and for the super-duper stock where the same techniques are used as by the fulltime stockmaker. GUN HOBBYISTS AND BUFFS - To accurize their present guns or to bed and accurize guns they are stocking; also, to simplify bedding barreled actions into inletted stocks purchased from stock manufacturers ... a great boon for the man who likes to do the job himself - and wants the best results. INSTRUCTIONS AND COLOR Acraglas in itself is amber-clear. To make it match your stock - black or brown - we furnish two special, acrylic dyes with each Kit. With them you can color the Acraglas mix to blend properly with the color of your individual stock - wood or synthetic. The brown dye nicely matches “normal” walnut but if your stock is exceptionally light walnut, or made of maple, myrtle, cherry, etc., you may want to leave out the dye for a closer match. Just remember, the color you see in the cup will darken somewhat when the Acraglas is in the stock. But, you don’t have to match the color, many shooters like to create contrast at the joining of barrel and stock to add a point of distinction to their gun and make sure others know they’ve taken the time to do a first-rate glass bedding job. Complete, easy-to-follow Instructions are packaged with each Kit. These tell you how to mix and use. FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY. We guarantee Acraglas 100%. ACRAGLAS KIT - 2 fl. oz. (59 ml) Resin, 7⁄8 fl. oz. (26 ml) Hardener, 7⁄8 fl. oz. (26 ml) Release Agent, Floc, 2 Mixing Cups, Mixing Stick, Brown Dye, Black Dye enough to bed 2 Rifles. Complete Instructions. ACRAGLAS SHOP KIT - 28 fl. oz. (828 ml) Resin, 7 fl. oz. (207 ml) Hardener, 3 fl. oz. (89 ml) Release Agent, 8 oz. (227g) Floc, 24 3 oz. capacity Mixing Cups, 50 Mixing Sticks, 5 Packets Brown Dye, 5 Paks Black Dye and Instructions. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:416



    $15.99 - $86.99$15.99 - $86.99

    Handy Size, Ready To Mix & UseHigh strength epoxy plugs holes, seals cracks and makes repairs in wood, aluminum, and steel. Putty-like consistency, will not run or drip. Impervious to solvents. Virtually no shrinkage or expansion. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:419



    $36.99 - $101.99$36.99 - $101.99

    Putty Or Liquid For Strong, Machinable Rifle BeddingTwo-part epoxy forms maximum-strength rifle bedding, and helps repair non-critical metal parts. Fills voids, cracks and machine marks; excellent bonding strength for many wood-to-metal and metal-to-metal applications. Machinable after 4 hours; fully cures in 16 hours, or reduce cure time by applying heat per the manufacturers instructions. Highly resistant to chemicals and acids. Steel, Aluminum and Titanium available as putty. Steel also available as liquid for easy flow into tight areas, and making molds, fixtures and light gauge forming dies. Steel Putty and Titanium Putty meet Mil-Spec DOD-C-24176B(SH), Steel Liquid meets Mil-Spec MMM-A-1754, and Aluminum Putty meets Mil-Spec DOD-C-24176B. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:419



    $44.95 - $309.99$44.95 - $309.99

    Stainless Steel-Filled Epoxy, Rifle-Bedding Compound What is STEEL BED? Simply the most-advanced, toughest- ever bedding and stabilizing, steel-bearing, epoxy compound for wood and fiberglass gun stocks. Designed specifically for GUNS, to give the incredible impact resistance that’s possible only by surrounding the action with a layer of solid, never-rust stainless steel and the skin-tight, epoxy-matrix fit so vital for superb accuracy. Through a unique blending process, there’s actually more stainless steel (by weight) than epoxy in STEEL BED - 2½ times more steel than in competitive products. STEEL BED shrinks less than 1⁄10 of 1% and won’t compress, crumble or “sugar” under the most punishing magnum or semi- auto recoil. Fiberglass stockmakers use it to support the recoil lugs of their lightweight mountain rifles; military armorers and civilian shooters use it under the most grueling conditions without breakdown or deterioration. We tested and abused STEEL BED every way possible and, once we were convinced of its amazing superiority, test samples went to armorers, gunsmiths and competitive shooters. They tested STEEL BED in “real life” situations - it met and exceeded every demand made of it! No cracking, crazing or “sugaring”. Group sizes got smaller. All the guns tested - semi-auto, 1000 yard, bolt-action match rifles, benchrest guns and hunting rifles - performed better after bedding with STEEL BED. Because of the extremely high stainless steel content, it’s tough to dye STEEL BED to match wood tones but, our latest dyes are so powerful that you can get a useable brown color for wood stocks and a very good black for synthetics. Another choice is to paint the STEEL BED along with the synthetic stock. If you want the best possible color match on a wood stock, you can use STEEL BED for recoil lugs and pillar bedding and ACRAGLAS® or ACRAGLAS GEL® (which are more easily dyed) in those places where the bedding will be visible. STEEL BED really is the ultimate, steel-bearing bedding compound. Besides being incredibly strong and tough, it’s very easy to use. The mixing ratio is a simple, 1-part Resin to 1-part Hardener, by volume, and the creamy, no-run texture means STEEL BED will stay where it’s put. STEEL BED KIT - (1) 1½ fl. oz. (44 ml) net contents jar Resin; (1) 1½ fl. oz. (44 ml) net contents jar Hardener; (1) 7/8 oz. (26 ml) net contents jar Acraglas Non-Flammable™ Release Agent; (1) Measuring Spoon, (1) Re-useable Poly Mixing Dish, (2) Mixing Sticks (1) Brown Dye Pak, (1) Black Dye Pak and (2) Release Agent Applicators; Instructions. STEEL BED SHOP KIT - (1) 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) net contents jar Resin; (1) 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) net contents jar Hardener; (1) 3 oz. (88.7 ml) net contents jar Acraglas Non-Flammable™ Release Agent; (1) Measuring Spoon Set, (5) Re-useable Poly Mixing Dishes, (25) Mixing Sticks (5) Brown Dye Paks, (5) Black Dye and (25) Release Agent Applicators; Instructions. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:418 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:457



    $50.99 - $99.99$50.99 - $99.99

    Molds Form-Fit Bushings That Won't Mar The MetalConvenient, easy-to-use kit allows the gunsmith to cast perfectly fitted, barrel vise bushings for hard-to-match barrel contours and sizes. Machined, aluminum block accepts barrels up to 1" in diameter. Brownells Steel Bed forms super-strength, precision-fit bushings that hold extra tight without scratching or marring the metal surface. Finished bushings fit Brownells Barrel Vise and Universal Clamping Block. Instructions included. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:418 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:456 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:457



    $15.99 - $44.99$15.99 - $44.99

    All The Features Of The Best Possible Epoxy In A New, Easy-To-Use ApplicatorThe most sophisticated epoxy/compound yet formulated for the gunsmith, knifemaker, woodworker, craftsman, or hobbyist for repairing, restoring, filling or bonding. Our new application gun system makes it even easier to use. Precise control over the flow and bead makes for perfect, permanent repairs to metal, wood, concrete, glass or ceramics. Has many times the strength of polyesters and withstands vibration, oils, practically all acids, solvents, and abrasion. Can be colored using our Water Soluble Dyes, Epoxy Black, or liquid ACRAGLAS Dyes shown elsewhere in this catalog. Working time of 15-20 minutes. Parts joined with ACRA-WELD do not have to fit perfectly to achieve maximum bond as required by most extra strength adhesives. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:417 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:491



    $9.00 - $41.95$9.00 - $41.95

    For Fast Bedding & Stock RepairsGoof-proof epoxy formula makes small bedding jobs and stock repair easy for beginners and busy professional gunsmiths alike. The convenient application gun automatically mixes the resin and the hardener as you apply a precise amount of Acra-Bed exactly where you need itno mess, no waste. Thick, smooth consistency makes it stay put, and a 20-minute work time lets you position parts and work the product into place before it sets. Hardens to the touch in 12 hours; cures completely in three days. Comes in two colors: a walnutty medium brown that blends with most wood stocks, and black to match popular black, synthetic stocks. Use the non-flammable release agent to prevent the epoxy from bonding where you dont want it to stick. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:417 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:419 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:491

  • ACRA-QUICK™ & ACRA-20™ BROWNELLS More Detail


    $13.45 - $44.99$13.45 - $44.99

    High-Strength, Super Duty Epoxies That Mix Perfectly, Harden Fast & Hold Like Iron Acra 2-part epoxies are truly revolutionary in terms of strength, hardening time, and their ability to bond to almost any material. Specially formulated, clear drying, resin/hardener in a 1-to-1 ratio, sets and cures fast for rock solid, virtually invisible repairs every time. Use in the shop, field or even around the house to permanently repair hundreds of items that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Will not dry out, crack or become brittle with time. Unlike traditional adhesives, Acra-Quick is unaffected by moisture and chemicals. Forms an amazingly strong, tight bond to metals, woods, ceramics, and most plastics. SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Acra-Quick products have all the famous strength and holding power of Acraglas and Acraglas Gel. Once they set, they’re stuck! Once they cure, they’re virtually indestructible. FAST SETTING: There’s no sitting around, watching the clock, waiting for your repair to dry when working with Acra-Quick. Because time is valuable, we’ve engineered the chemical hardening action of these epoxies to reduce your repair time. Quick-setting Acra-Quick 3-Minute Epoxy provides a mixed, working time of 2-3 minutes, reaches handling strength in 5 minutes (at 70°F), and cures to full strength in 24 hours. Acra-Quick Gel are 5-minute epoxies with a slightly longer setup time of 3-5 minutes. Full holding strength is reached after 24 hours. For additional working time, select Acra-20. Slower-setting than the others with a 15-20 minute working time that allows some repositioning, plus you can color the epoxy with any of our Acraglas dyes. Reaches handling strength in 60 minutes, full strength in 24 hours, and it sets up in temperatures down to 0°F. CONSISTENCY: Moderately thick, Acra-Quick 3-Minute Epoxy and Acra-20 20-Minute Epoxy are semi-fluid formulas with a consistency similar to that of model glue; they flow well, fill gaps and get into those hard-to-reach crevices that block thicker formulas. Acra-Quick Gel 5-Minute epoxies are no-run formulas that won’t drip or migrate out. They stay put and excel on repairs where gravity works against you. DIMENSIONALLY STABLE: Due to the advanced molecular structure of Acra epoxies, expect no shrinkage, cracks or weakening of the repair seam. Mended parts remain tight, gaps stay filled, and the repair remains super strong and virtually invisible for years to come. CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Clean and maintain the fixed item as you normally would prior to repair. Acra epoxies resist deterioration and weakening caused by common solvents and detergents. Won’t break down in sunlight or frigid temperatures. EASY-TO-USE: No other quick-set epoxies apply with such efficiency as Acra products. Our newly developed epoxy cartridges, application gun, and mixing tips work as a unique dispensing system to deliver the correct mix and right amount of resin exactly where you want it. Auger-type mixing tip blends the incoming resin and hardener for a perfect 1-to-1 ratio as you work the application gun, so you use only what you need. When finished, remove and discard the mixing tip, and cap the cartridge until next time. Reuse the heavy duty, application gun time and time again. LITTLE TRICKS: The mixing tip itself holds approximately 1 teaspoon total, mixed Acra-Quick. Some folks worry about losing that product when they throw away the tip. If you're one, you can leave the tip off, squeeze out a little of both parts and hand-mix for small jobs. Just make sure you clean up the end of the cartridge thoroughly. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:417 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:491




    No-Run, Butter-Smooth Consistency, Super-Strength Nylon EpoxyGlasbed bedding is the single best choice for the gun owner who wants to give his gun the accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency that only Glasbed bedding can. It's a real time saver! There's no measuring involved, and nothing to clean up afterwards. The proportions are exact so you can't make a mistake, and the working time is long enough for even a novice "bedder" to get everything positioned correctly before the Glasbed bedding begins to set up. Plus, the convenience and ease of use make it a natural for the busy shop and experienced stock man. We took our time-proven Acraglas Gel® formulation and made it in two colors: fiberglass-stock-black or gunstock-walnut-brown. Then, we packaged it in a neat, divided, polypropylene "bag" that serves as its own mixing container. You get the right amount of pre-measured resin and hardner to mix and Glasbed bed one sporter stock without a lot left over. No cups or spoons to clean and no dye to spill. There's a bottle of Release Agent and a couple of Swabs to apply it with, some Sandpaper to rough-up the wood or fiberglass inside the stock and help get rid of any mold releases or stock finish left in the inletting, plus two Spreader sticks to let you put the Glasbed bedding everywhere you want it. Then, we include our detailed, illustrated, easy-to-understand Instructions that walk you through the process, step-by-step, so every stock you bed will be right. You get everything you need to Glasbed a stock in one handy, compact package. Glasbed takes stock bedding out of the "black magic" stage and makes it truly user-friendly for everyone especially the first-timer. If you're bedding one gun or a lot of guns, Glasbed is for you. Easy, no-mess, no-waste mixing . . . stay-in- one-spot feature . . . sophisticated molecular structure . . . long pot life and curing time for no-fear stock bedding. We guarantee your complete satisfaction, 100% - period. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:415



    $205.95 - $212.99$205.95 - $212.99

    The industry-standard stock bedding compound for more than a generation, Acraglas is now available in a full-featured kit with everything the professional gunsmith needs for taking on almost any-size bedding or repair job. Available with original-formula Acraglas, the hard, durable, non-shrinking bedding and accurizing compound preferred by riflesmiths all over the world, or longer-curing Acraglas Gel, with its butter-smooth consistency that won’t run, drip, or leach, and a stable, molecular lattice structure that won’t crack, craze, or “sugar out.” These self-contained kits come with everything you need to get the job done—except the rifle. Both include plenty of hardener, dyes, release agent, solvent/thinner, measuring/mixing cups, applicators, masking materials, and instructions. You also get fast-setting Acra-Quick™ and Acra-20™ two-part epoxies for fast repairs. Acra-Quick/Acra-20 are unmatched for strength, hardening speed, and their ability to bond to almost any material, including wood, metal, and plastics with all the famous strength and holding power of Acraglas. The kit also includes the reusable, “goof proof” applicator gun that automatically mixes epoxy and hardener in to a precise 1-to-1 ratio for proper bonding as you apply it to the work area. All of this comes packed in a convenient, go-anywhere “ammo box” carry/storage case. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:418




    Pre-Colored, Ready To Use, No-Cup Mixing, Non-Flammable Release Agent Can Ship Overnight GLASBED bedding is the single best choice for the gun owner who wants to give his gun the accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency that only GLASBED bedding can. There’s no measuring involved, and nothing to clean up afterwards. The proportions are exact so you can’t make a mistake, and the working time is long enough for even a novice “bedder” to get everything positioned correctly long before the GLASBED bedding begins to set up. •Supplied in your choice of pre-dyed colors, either black or brown. The black matches black synthetic stocks and “brings the inletting to the metal”. The brown is a nice, medium, “walnutty” shade that blends well with most popular wood stocks. And, as with everything we sell, we guarantee your complete satisfaction, 100% - period. Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:415


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