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Contour #1 in Chrome Moly All the loving care of the best stockmaker and the meticulous attention to detail of the master machinist will not make a gun shoot any straighter than the accuracy capability of the barrel used. And, it is the insides of a barrel, that very small and vital area of lands and grooves over which the gunsmith has no control, that can determine whether the finished work of art is for shooting - or “just for looks”. Craftsmanship . . . not price . . . determines the quality of a barrel. But, by the same token, the customer willing to spend the money for a custom gun is shortsighted indeed, if he starts economizing and orders “just any old barrel so long as it’s cheap”. Furthermore, he is jeopardizing your reputation as a gun builder by making such a request. We, as your supplier, are laying our reputation (and yours, too!) on the line by offering you barrel blanks. They have got to be good or we are in trouble! Big trouble!! We must never sell you anything but that which will enlarge your stature with your trade. And, we feel that the Brownell Barrel, made for us by Ed Shilen, will do just that! Shilen barrels, either chrome moly or Stainless, are rifled with six lands and grooves by the “Cold Forming” process using carbide dies made in Shilen’s own plant under the most rigid controls. This rifling method achieves extremely close inside uniformity from breech to muzzle. Finished barrels are air-gauge inspected (air-gauged sensitivity is .00005" - five-one-hundred-thousandths!) and 6X borescope in- spected. All barrels, .22 through .30 caliber have groove tolerances within .0005" and uniformity within .0003". No straightening is done, and all barrels are completely stress-relieved. All stainless steel barrels are hand lapped at the factory. Only those barrels passing all spec tests are offered to the trade. Any barrel even slightly “suspect” is started through the production process again and bored to a large caliber. In no other way can quality and reputation be maintained. Slightly more expensive to produce - but vastly greater in quality and ultimate performance.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:166

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